Monday, September 28, 2015

MIA.. again

UGH I keep forgetting to post! I always mean to and I always get distracted somehow.
Figured I'd just do it this morning before I forgot again.

So I've been feeling really off lately. Had no idea what was going on, but thought I was getting sick.'s something hormonal going on with my body.
How do I know that? Well.. I started spotting a few days ago on CD20. Not just any spotting... but a dark dark dark brown old blood stuff.
Yeah.. BLEH!
I thought maybe it would brighten to fresh blood, but nope... it stayed that really dark old blood color. There wasn't any kind of smell or anything thank goodness... but still not sure what the heck was bleeding and why it seemed to take so long to finally come out.

Ok this is going to be gross so... yeah... TMI alert...
I first noticed the spotting after I had pooped and wiped. I wiped and thought at first that it was just poop, but after thinking about it and seeing the spotting afterwards.. no, it was definitely blood.

I dunno... it was just all really strange. I've never had spotting that dark before.
There wasn't a ton of it and today, it seems to have stopped or almost stopped.
SO yeah... no idea what all of that was about.

Zoe and Oren are both doing well. Zoe is whinier than ever and SO dramatic, but it amazes DH and I both just how smart she is. Before kids... thinking of a 3yo... you don't think that they'd be as smart as they are and then actually having one.... it's incredible and really eye opening.

Oren is moving around great doing it army crawl. Have to block off the living room area b/c he is ALL over the place and of course trying to put everything in to his mouth lol.

They're both getting so big and UUUUUGH I want another one!!!!! DH is happy with the 2 we have and so am I, but I just can't shake the feeling of wanting another.
I'm tired and stressed, but I love being a mom and I love my babies and want another.
If DH gets his way though... no more babies for us :(

Oh well I guess... but I know I'll always wonder about that 3rd LO.

Have a lot of work to do on a costume dress I'm making. Need to get working on it.... just wanted to mention it quick. Will post photos when it's done and once I'm all done up :D
We're going to a local new comic convention in town this weekend and we're going to geek it up!

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