Monday, January 25, 2016

No more morning sickness please

Uuuuuuugh... this morning was rough and it came out of nowhere.
Morning sickness has been getting better, but not today it seems. Just the thought.. the THOUGHT of something smelling bad triggered it hard and I started to wretch in the kitchen sink. Thankfully I hadn't eaten anything yet (was just about to cook), but that sucks too b/c my body just kept trying to make something/anything come up.

Ya know.... I had sympathy for women that had morning sickness before, but now... I get it. I get how miserable it can get. And heck.. mine is still mild in comparison to what a lot of women go through. It's just now.. I've gotten a glimpse of it and it SUCKS lol

But on a more positive note...

Oren slept almost through the night last night! WOO!! Put him down at 6:30, and he didn't wake up until just after 5!! I kept waking up at the times he usually wakes, but being able to go back to sleep was so so nice lol. And it was close enough to when DH gets up for work so he got up and fed him. Yeeeeeeees.
Now if Oren would just keep doing this... that would be great! But I'm sure this was a fluke and he'll be back to his usual sleep habits... /sob

Alrighty.. going to try to catch a quick nap while Oren naps. Even though I got more sleep last night.. I woke up super tired.

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