Wednesday, January 13, 2016

More stuff

I have appointments up until I'm 24w scheduled already.
My next at 12w is Feb 2nd. Think that one is just talking with the doctor and getting some bloodwork done. DH thinks we're gonna have to tell people sooner since I'll have to take the kids to granny's.
Oh and I have to do the glucose test at my 24w appointment. Feels like it's sooner this time? I can't even remember. At least they do other stuff to pass that hour scheduling the rest of my appointments. EEP! Just makes it feel like there's not that much time left even though there is.

Just so relieved that baby is ok. I kinda want to do that blood genetic testing thing. We didn't do it the 2 previous times, but I dunno.... I just want to make sure everything is ok and if it's not.. I want to be prepared.
Will have to talk to DH about that some more.

Morning sickness has gotten a little worse. No actual vomiting but the nausea is worse and I just stay nauseous for a good chunk of the morning and it comes back at night sometimes now too. It's still not too bad though so I can't complain too much about it. Could be a lot worse :)
Also starting to get more aches down below. Guess it's RLP. Also still not bad though. Usually only happens at night when I'm turning in bed or I get up too quick.

But yeah... overall I feel ok. Just ok..... heh. Wish my sleep was better, but that's not a pregnancy thing.. that's just my own problem with sleep.

I think once I am in 2nd tri... we're going to have to start seriously planning on what we're gonna do. If we're going to trade in to get a mini-van... start moving the crap from the room we're going to make in to the baby's room... etc.
Right now that room is full of exercise equipment. One of them being this big giant thing I wanted with a 100lb punching bag on it. Yeah... that's gonna be fun for DH to move.... not. I think we should store it at his parent's land (they have a big building they hoard crap in.... seriously).... but DH wants to keep it bc he says he'll use it. Uh huh... we'll see.
He has started exercising again though which I'm really proud of him for doing. It hasn't been consistent since his job is making him work overtime but he does it when he can.

Oh and apparently DH has some kind of pharmaceutical conference thing in Vegas this Dec. Yeah........
And once that's over with, he wants to go visit with his friend who lives in..... Wisconsin? i think for like a week. Seriously dude?
I mean, I'll probably be fine with 3 kids, but for 2 weeks alone? UUUUUUUUUUUGH. Just the thought of it makes me ill. I'm going to be SO GD tired and irritated by the time he gets home if he does decide to visit then. He's gonna owe me BIG.

Anyway.... I lost track of what I wanted to say. Lol oops..... so yeah... hope everyone is having a great week so far! Is it Friday yet?? Not that that makes much difference when you have kids..... :P

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