Sunday, January 17, 2016

We broke the news

We told everyone on Friday that I'm pregnant again. We bought some printer ink on Amazon so I was waiting to get that so I could print off the letters and whatnot so I could make Oren's onesie that says Big Brother on it (I'll post some photos later....... I promise! heh)
That came in like an hour before DH got home so I had to really hurry with cutting them all out with an Xacto knife.
Anyway... it turned out cute.
It's cold out though so we obviously put a jacket on him figuring that when we went out to dinner, someone would take it off as they usually do.
NOPE not this time lol. Figures.
MiL was holding him and asked who got him the jacket. She couldn't remember if she got it or if aunt did. She did unzip it but didn't actually look at the onesie. /facepalm
DH played it cool and eventually asked "Who got him that onesie?" which of course made MiL open the jacket up more and she read what it said. She just got a look of pure shock on her face and looked at us and asked "Really?" Aunt was right over her shoulder and totally didn't get it until MiL actually asked us if we're pregnant again lol.
It was a cute moment all around though. :)

Oh I also ordered this cute Not-Stitch costume thing for SiL's baby. But I ordered it in 18m so I could put it on Oren plus when her baby is that big it should be cold where they are so she'll get use out of it.
It's SO frickin cute!! I say Not-Stitch b/c it looks like Stitch from Lilo & Stitch but it's not official Disney gear.
It's just so cute though. Cutest part is this little nub on the butt that's the tail and holy crap it's adorable!! Will have to get some photos and post those along with everything else I've been meaning to post but haven't yet :P lol

Oren has figured out our little janky 'fence' to keep him in the living room and keeps pulling it up and out of his way so he can escape and explore lol. I wouldn't mind if he roamed around, but there are too many unsafe things we need to move before that happens. Plus don't need him playing in the pets' water like Zoe did and still does :P

Morning sickness has been staying pretty steady. It's worse than previous 2 pregnancies, but still not too bad in comparison to a lot of women. Saturday.. I definitely would've thrown up before we went grocery shopping if I had eaten something. Sucks when your body wants to vomit, but there's nothing there to come out so your body just keeps heaving.

I've been trying to find the HB on the doppler. No luck so far. Boo :( I'm sure my giant fat pooch doesn't help anything.
I'm pretty sure I've found the placenta, but no baby yet. That's ok, but I'll be a lot more relieved once I am able to find it.
I dunno why, but I'm feeling a lot more paranoid this time around. Well, I was paranoid with Zoe since it was my first, but this time...there's that feeling that something could be wrong and I just want to make sure everything is ok.
Told DH that I want to get the blood test done. He's ok with it. They're going to be taking blood for everything else, might as well get this done too. It won't change anything, but I just want it done for peace of mind and to be prepared just in case.

Anywho, cutting this short... gotta go out :D

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