Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Uuuuuugh, 2 weeks!!!!

MiL and FiL are flying out to Cali today to visit with SiL and be there when she gives birth. Since she has GD, they're not letting her go over 40w so if nothing by Sunday, she'll be induced then, so her baby should be born sometimes between now and probably Monday or Tuesday. SO happy for her and can't wait to see what her little girl looks like :D SHe's going to be such an amazing mom.

Her and her husband were supposed to be moving to Chicago on Feb 12th. Yeah.... that soon after the baby and she was going to be driving. Yikes. Not sure if that's still going to happen. I think his transfer was delayed b/c he failed sometime so it's not going to be that soon, but still too soon after she gives birth. Just hope however the baby comes.. she heals up quick so the trip there isn't so bad.

But.... now I'm stuck babysitting my demon niece that MiL usually watches for the 2w while they're gone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

She's coming over tomorrow and I'm dreading it already. Zoe's going to love it, but uuuuuuuuuuuuugh. I'm going to have to watch them like a hawk. Zoe knows what she's not supposed to get in to, but my niece... she doesn't give a shit. From the stories MiL tells of what she does.... I'm not going to have a moments rest.
This is going to suck..... SUCK!!!!!
Need to clean up. Or more like put stuff up that she could get her hands on.

OOO bought my first couple of swathes of reduced price fabric yesterday lol. We went out to eat with inlaws and then went to Walmart after. Had to look at their fabric and found just 2 that I liked. This super pink stuff and some soft greyish colored stuff. Now I need to come up with a design for what I wanted to do so I can try to create it :D
If I can figure it out and make a bunch of different designs... I'm going to start selling them on etsy. Would love to bring in a little bit of income to help out.

Oren started waving :D It only started just a couple days ago. He only does it sometimes, but gets so happy when he does do it. It's adorable :D He clapped a couple of times today too. Yay :D
He's getting so big.
Need to get him off his paci so much though. Can already tell that his teeth shape is growing in to that thumbsucker shape. Zoe's was doing the same too, but we started weaning her off of her paci a bit more before taking it away cold turkey. He likes his paci and uses it all the time, but also doesn't seem like he really needs it to fall asleep. He just likes it.... if that makes any sense.

Also got him down to 2 bottles of 3oz at night. He doesn't get upset anymore when that amount is gone so I think it's time to reduce it again to 2.5. Slowly but surely.
I fed him once last night. He woke up again at around 4am, but for some reason I got it in to my head to just give him his paci instead. He cried for about 30sec then went back to sleep and didn't wake again until 7am. I think that's a win in my book :D lol

Alrighty... gonna screw around a bit more on the net and then finish up these curtain things for DH.
Frickin didn't send us our entire order. DH ordered something like 36yards of fabric and they only sent half. He had to call them and get them to send more, but it probably won't be sent until Thursday at the earliest. That's why we went to Walmart. He needed something cheap to use in place of the fabric until that came in. So we bought some cheap sheets. lol... 
Did I mention why he needs it?
Him and a few others are doing interviews starting Friday and there will be 4 interviews going on at the same time in one giant room. He wanted them all to be seperated and as private as possible so he bought some pipe and the fabric to make barriers.
All I gotta say is that his job better pay him back for all of the crap he bought for this. It was NOT cheap.

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