Saturday, January 9, 2016

Just a couple more days...

Uuuuugh... just a couple more days for the appointment. I just want to know everything is ok and I would really like to know my due date and just how far along I am. It's actually kind of surprising how I'm not obsessing that much about it. I guess having 2 small children already REALLY helps with distracting from it.

I did throw up yesterday. It was only just a tiny amount. I had just finished eating, felt fine, drank some water. Felt fine and then that feeling suddenly appeared out of nowhere and BOOM! I wretched right back in to the bowl I was using (gross I know but there wasn't any time to get to the bathroom), and threw up the water I had just drank. I heaved one more time, but felt fine after that. Yuck.

I wouldn't say morning sickness is worse this time since I feel fine most of the time, but when that feeling hits, it hits pretty hard. I'm having some aversions to food. It's nothing in particular, but anything at that moment I feel is gross makes me seriously have a gag attack. Like today, it was the leftover steak in the fridge... and of course once DH found out, he started waving it around teasing me with it making me gag even more. Bleh lol.


Alrighty, cutting this short. Gotta start binge watching The Leftovers now that we can watch it.
We're finally caught up on Game of Thrones and if they keep HBONow.. we'll be able to watch it along with everyone else so don't have to avoid spoilers that long lol. YAY!

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