Monday, January 11, 2016

Rambles and such

Seems as though right after I posted the last time, the morning sickness kicked up a notch lol. Not a whole lot. It's still pretty mild, but random things are making me nauseated. Also liquid right after eating is still causing me problems and I have to fight very hard not to vomit.
Like I had some cereal today. Felt totally fine while eating it, but as soon as I started drinking the milk after... I couldn't finish b/c I was going to upchuck everything if I did. And I can't remember to not drink immediately after eating b/c that's what I always do so I do it out of habit. SIGH!

I also woke up last night feeling like I was going to throw up and the nausea hasn't let up since. Thankfully no puking so far, but yeah, there have been a few close calls.

Oren had his appointment today. Got one shot and he did great with it. Cried for not even a second then just gave the nurse a dirty look lol.

I can't remember exacts and don't have the paper in front of me, but he's growing great. Short but chunk with a big head lol.
33% for height, 89% for head circumference, and 85% for weight :)
He's chunky, but he doesn't look that chunk to me. Well... his legs are pretty chubby and adorable, but overall, he's not a little Michelin man running around or anything :P lol

His sleep has been kinda crappy the last 2 nights. Waking up a little more than usual. Still reducing the amount of formula he's getting in the middle of the night. At 3.5oz right now. Will stick with that for a few more days then go down again. Just really hope it works. He wasn't really happy about the 3.5 last night but only whined just for a few seconds before going to sleep.
Just think I need to give it a few more days inbetween reductions.

Zoe was so proud of herself today and so am I. She put together her MLP puzzle all by herself. I did have to help her out in figuring out what comes next and to look back at the box to look at the picture, but once she understood, along with lots of whining, she put it all together :)
I took a photo of her laying next to it lol. Will post that later. She wanted to leave it until DH got home so she could show him :)

Ok looking back at when I could've ovulated... I think I'm about 9w along which means due date will be around August 12th give or take a few days. Will get that answer tomorrow if everything looks ok. Really hope so. Even though the thought of having a 3rd freaks me out (even though I wanted it)... having something wrong scares me more. Just want a healthy little gummy bear.

Ok... started on The Leftovers.... someone tell me this show gets better b/c damn is it super frickin annoying and boring so far. Well, the whole premise is interesting which is why we've made it to episode 4 or 5, but overall the characters just really suck. Especially that bratty emo daughter and all of her asshole POS friends that like playing screwed up version of spin the bottle. And that white wearing crazy smoking cult. Now...what happened to that one woman was awful, but dang do they all suck so far. If you want to be all uninterested and don't want to waste their breath caring... fine, but breaking in to people's homes and doing their BS protesting. Come on now.
I'll watch the rest, but only b/c I'm really hoping for some answers.... or just something good to happen..... like that daughter getting a swift smack across her head.....

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