Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Freaking out some....

Still no heartbeat on the doppler. Yes, I know I'm still pretty early and I am fat so that's not helping matters, but it's freaking me out a little too.
I'm sure they'll probably do doppler on my next appointment but that's still 2 weeks away.
I think I'm going to stop using the doppler until after the appointment b/c all it's doing is stressing me out.
There was a weird moment when I used it today. I was pressing on an area that I thought I was hearing something and suddenly, I felt and heard a quick tap on the doppler probe. Not sure what that was, but maybe it was the baby?  Not sure how possible that is since baby is pretty tiny though lol... so it could've been... who knows what.

Anyway, so yeah.... putting away the aloe and the doppler until after the appointment.
Just really hoping everything is ok.

Oh I didn't mention that the doctor's office had me sign something new this time. Apparently, a lot of women are going in and wanting to do homebirth (UGH).... so they're now having women sign a form saying that they understand that none of the OBs work with ANY midwives or do homebirths and something else I can't remember.
Just... wow. It actually makes me a little upset that so many risk it for some stupid birth fantasy they've read about on the internet. But whatever.... I just hope that the women who do choose to do it have a very uncomplicated birth and mom and baby come out unscathed and healthy.

  U G H, I wante d to type out more but asy ou ca n seehere, my      keyboard i s  act ing up an d is  a piece o f shit.

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