Tuesday, June 9, 2015

DIY projects!!

Wanted to quickly post before bed...

I have been really REALLY itching to do some kind of DIY project lately. Finally started looking in to it tonight and have so many things I want to try out!!

For Zoe's birthday... I want to make her a dollhouse out of this old cheap bookshelf we have. It's just one of those crappy 3 shelf ones. We've had it for ages and it's not doing anything but holding some picture frames that DH just needs to frickin hang up already.
I've been looking at DIY dollhouse furniture on the cheap and everything for it. She loves her Little People princess castle thing, but she always goes crazy for the dollhouse at MiL's place and I would love for her to have one here.
It seems easy enough to convert the bookshelf. Would just need DH to cut a few things and whatnot :D So excited to try that out!

Also, I want to put some kind of canopy over her bed. She hasn't slept in her bed in weeks now and I think making it like a little fort (but prettier) would get her to actually sleep in it at night. Plus it would just look really pretty :D That doesn't seem like it would be that hard to do or that expensive if we could find some cheap sheer/lacey curtains.

Also.... did I ever post photos of the big birthday present DH made her last year?? I don't think I did, did I??
Well, it's not even finished yet, but I'm planning on starting the finishing touches for that tomorrow. I WILL post photos of it when it's done. Promise! :D

So excited to finally have some ideas in mind that shouldn't break the bank! Just hope Oren & Zoe cooperate a bit so I can get them done :)

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