Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Short rant

So unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the whole gay marriage thing.
Well a couple of days ago, aunt decided she needed to post something against gay marriage and how it's against the bible and all other bullshit that's usually posted.

Uhm... excuse me bitch but you're the LAST person to say anything about who should and shouldn't marry. She's on marriage number FOUR. Please tell me how that is better than 2 people of the same sex marrying?

I have no problem that she was married/divorced so many times. To each their own... but I do have a problem with her spouting off bullshit about the sanctity of marriage when her ass has divorced so many times.

Just.... UGH. I don't understand why people are SO against it. Like somehow 2 guys or 2 girls getting married is somehow going to make hetero marriages mean less? B/c what 2 consenting adults do in their private lives is going to totally ruin straight people's lives?
Busy body assholes with nothing better to do than dictate how others should live.

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