Sunday, June 7, 2015

Just once

That is all I pumped today. Just once.
I got 4oz when I woke up this morning and haven't pumped since then. I've been waiting for my boobs to feel engorged and nada. They've been getting that let down feeling and a slight burning sensation but that's been about it.
Would probably have pumped if I had felt engorged, but since I didn't.... here I am sitting here with 2 sports bras on and hoping it stays like this. Would really like it if I didn't get that awful rock hard boobs feeling.

The pump is all put away and yeah. Kind of sad, but also feeling so free now lol. I can actually do more stuff now instead of having to worry if I can b/c I need to pump soon. Or worrying if I'm drinking an ass ton to keep my supply up... or worry if I should eat something spicy b/c I wouldn't want it to somehow make my milk taste funky lol.
I do feel sad though. Really was hoping it would last longer. Just knowing I was providing for Oren in that way and that he'll never have it again. Sigh... oh well. He'll be just as healthy and happy on formula. Will poop more but it's still in that not too gross mustardy phase right now so it's all good lol.
I'll take his poops over Zoe's any day of the week :P

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