Monday, June 8, 2015


My boobs hurt so much!!
It started at 11pm last night. Went to bed a little late and couldn't get to sleep b/c they started aching.

Put on 2 sports bras in hopes that it would help and it seems to, but not enough. Just sitting here... the ache is manageable but dear lord help me if anything presses in to them *sob*

I think it took a little over a day or 2 for them to get better after I stopped pumping with Zoe. Hoping b/c my supply was so bad this time that it will ease up sooner than that.

Weigh in this morning SUCKED.
My starting weight was almost 213... this morning's was 210.4. Not bad but that's still a pound more than it was last weigh in. Booooo
I have a feeling that my body is retaining water b/c I haven't been drinking enough. Haven't been drinking enough b/c I haven't wanted my boobs to get even more engorged. I know that probably wouldn't happen and I just need to drink more already. And I will.... tomorrow :P

Today is going to be spent trying to keep everything away from my boobs.

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