Friday, June 12, 2015

Life and stuff

Sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately. Just been so tired recently that I haven't felt like doing much.

Oren was not taking to the Baby's Only formula very well. He ate it fine, it's just the pooping part that he was having trouble with. It started yesterday and my gosh, I feel so bad for his little butt :(
He would cry and strain and cry and strain to get the little pellets out.
We had a very long night last night b/c he woke up trying to poop. DH actually went to Walmart at 3:30am to get Enfamil again along w/ some juice to help.
I had told DH that I didn't think we should give him the Baby's Only stuff just yet b/c I remember Zoe having the same problem. Not as bad as this, but her poops did become more solid and she had trouble with it too, but he convinced me that it would be fine.
Oh well.. live and learn.
Oren is fine though. I haven't given him anymore of the BO yet. Want him to pass the pasty stuff first and then I'll switch between the BO and Enfamil.
He's starting to really take an interest in toys now. It's so cute seeing the awkward grabs and trying to bring everything to his mouth lol.
Will have to get Zoe to be more diligent with picking up the tinier pieces of her toys though. Do not need the small pieces all over the place once he's mobile. Disaster waiting to happen there.

While Zoe does love her baby brother, yeah, she's definitely showing some signs of jealousy. Thankfully nothing violent. It's mostly just her trying to participate and 'help' out. I have seen her poking and pinching his cheeks just a tad bit too hard, but she doesn't seem to be doing it to hurt him. She's just seen me poking his chunkiness so she copies not realizing that I'm doing it gently.

She has been AWFUL at bedtime though. Getting ready is perfect most of the time. She'll brush her teeth, gather her toys up, etc... but as soon as her door closes... here come the cries and screams and pleads for the door to be open.
Really hoping she gets over that soon.
We were going back in and checking on her and at first it helped to calm her down, but she started to continue to cry as soon as we left again.
Now.. we just let her cry. It's frustrating and I hate hearing it, but she's gotta learn that we're not going to play the '101 Ways to delay bedtime' game with her.

She's good though. Her skin still feels all rough from the strep, but it hasn't gotten worse so I guess that's good? We're not really sure. Should probably call her doctor and ask.

Been looking up more DIY projects for her and I found a really cute felt magnetic alphabet one I want to do and think she'll like. She shouldn't be able to screw these up like she has her regular soft magnet ones or the shower ones. Girl can not keep things out of her mouth and she has chewed up a good many of those.

Speaking of DIY stuff... I finally started on something on the thing we made Zoe. It looks like shit right now but oh well. Probably should've gone it differently so it wouldn't look so bad, but I'm over it now lol.
Just need to put something else up, get DH to drill a hole, and a few other small details and should be done for the most part. I want to make a few more items for it for details, but that can wait. I promise.. photos will be taken and posted once it's done :)

Would like to go to Dollar Store and the hobby shops to price things for the possible bookshelf dollhouse thing I want to do for Zoe. Hoping we can keep the price to around 20-30.. including paint, but I need to see how much it's going to cost to make furniture or see if the Dollar store or someplace has stuff. If it's not that much, then I can really start planning it all out and getting it started :) May not be for her birthday but I think we could get it done by Christmas :)

Oh! AND, I would really like to try my hand and faux stained glass making. Sounds and looks simple enough and Walmart and other places sell super cheap frames so it shouldn't cost that much for me to try out. Would really like to make Zoe one for her room... something girly, but haven't come up with anything yet. Just don't want it to be another Frozen something. She still likes it, but not nearly as much as she did before. Think she's more in to My Little Pony right now.

Diet is still going strong. Helps when I don't have to cook every meal lol.
Weighed in today and I'm down 6lbs. Not too shabby. Wish it was more, but hey... I'll take whatever loss I can get :)
If I can lose 2lbs a week... I could reach my dream goal of 50lbs lost by Christmas. That would be AMAZING! I know it won't happen though. Not being pessimistic, just realistic. We have our beach trip coming up in a couple of weeks. I'll probably gain 5lbs.
Then we have Zoe's birthday, my birthday, DH's birthday, and whoever elses we go to.
For my own, I'll try to keep any cheats to just that day or just a couple of days at the most so I don't completely ruin the progress I've done. Same for Zoe's and Im sure DH will want the same for his.
Then, there's Halloween & Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving shouldn't be THAT bad and I don't think we're passing out candy this year since last year was terrible. Still have to deal with Zoe's stash though and us around candy= a shark around blood. Uncontrollable feeding frenzy! lol
We'll figure something out when we get to that point. Hopefully by then, we'll have our willpower nice and strong and be down a good bit of weight so it will be easier to resist eating everything.

I've set some 10lb goals for myself.
I have around 80or so pounds I want to lose. Every 10lbs lost.. I'm going to give myself a reward. Nothing too big at first, but the rewards will grow as I continue to lose.
I really want the full sleeve tattoo once I am at my ultimate goal. Just need to figure out what the heck I want tattooed. Don't want another huge regret like I have with my back tat right now. UGH... stupid teenagers shouldn't be able to get tattoos! lol

My first 10lb goal is to go see a movie in theaters. :D Not a huge reward, but it's a start.
2nd one is to go to the zoo with the fam.
And so on and so forth. NO food rewards unless it's to buy some kitchen gadget... we really do need new pots and pans.

My boobs are feeling a lot better. Those first couple of days SUUUUUUUUUUCKED so bad.
My breasts do still feel a little sore to the touch, but I'm not in agony anymore.

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