Sunday, June 28, 2015

Back to it

So finally back to good eating again after a week long of horrible junk food binge eating lol.
Yeah... I gained it all back and then some. Took almost a month to get rid of 6lbs and I wiped that progress away in just a week. Thanks body! :\

Did I post when we got home from the beach? I don't even remember.
If not....
The beach was great :D Zoe had a blast... Oren not to much lol. Zoe LOVED playing in the sand. A little too much b/c she ended up rubbing it all over her legs/thighs and gave herself bad chafing. Ouch.
Oh and that nice new swim top I ordered online? It was nice, but out of ALL the beach we were at... of course at exact area was the ONE other girl with the exact same top on. Seriously???

Oh and also... hotel was ok. Nothing fancy that's for sure but it was comfy... that is until our hotel neighbor moved in and decided it was a GREAT idea to smoke weed in their nonsmoking room all the damn time. The funk of it seeped in to our room and in to the hallway.
Come on now. These couldn't have been amateurs... they had to know that weed is some funky shit and that the smell would travel.

But yeah, overall it was a really nice family vacation :)

We really didn't get a lot of photos though. Boo :( With all the crap we had to drag along everywhere, we ended up forgetting to bring the camera. Oh well.... sucks but oh well.

OH! I almost forgot... I started spotting the day we got to the beach. Frickin awesome timing body! :\
Thought it might be the start of AF b/c it was a good bit, but then it dwindled down to nothing. It then started back up on Thursday on the way back home and now it's back to nothing.
Just some random awfully timed post partum shit going on.

But anyway, we've been back home for a few days and DH had to go back to work on Tuesday. He's off Monday b/c he has to work next weekend :\
He gets paid extra for working a holiday but I swear he gets screwed at work. They know he won't really complain so they stick him on all of the holidays that are on the weekend.
Thankfully he's going to be starting a new position soon where he won't be required to work any holidays or weekends anymore unless he wants to.

We took Zoe to see Inside Out on Saturday. We wanted to see how she would be since we want to take her to see Star Wars. She was ok. She didn't want to stay seated the whole time, but overall she did pretty well.
That was a super cute movie though and I absolutely loved the short animated thing before it too. If you don't know what it is, it's called Lava and it's about a volcano longing for a companion. It's a song and just.. UGH so sweet. Loved it.

I think Zoe's gonna do just fine seeing Star Wars :D Now to find her something super nerdy and Star Wars to wear to it lol.

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