Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Rant incoming...
So on Sunday, Zoe went to MiL's house after church b/c there was a thing at the church later in the day so we were just going to get her then. I KNEW I should've told DH to tell his mom to put Zoe in something else while she was over there, but I didn't b/c I didn't want to sound mean or anything.
And btw... Zoe was wearing a brand new dress I had gotten for her from Kohl's online. It was the first time she had worn it and I didn't want it to get dirty before the church thing.
Welp, church thing happens, there's a food thing after and we notice of course.. Zoe's gotten something on her dress from something she was playing with at MiL's house. MiL said it was some kind of putty stuff *shrugs*
Anyway... that pissed me right off but whatever. So when we get home, I put the dress in to the sink to soak it a bit to get this putty crap off her dress. Welp.. this shit has stained her dress.

THEN today... DH wanted to go to church and wanted to take Zoe. I'm pulling out a shirt for her... one she's never worn before, but I had sent it with her when she spent the night with aunt.
DH says nope b/c there's something on it. WHAT????
Sure enough.... there's some kind of crap splotched on to it... and honestly it looks just like the putty shit that was on her dress. No idea if that is what it was or not.
I soak it and Gawd damnit... it looks like whatever it was may have had a bleach effect on the shirt (it's a darkish purple color).
Seriously???? I'm just so frickin pissed off right now.
Yes... Zoe is a toddler and is going to get crap on her clothes... I'm not an idiot and it's why I always send more clothes than she needs when she does spend the night somewhere. But on a shirt she's never worn and on her brand new frickin dress???
Royally flippin pissed off. At least now I know never to send her over there with something new b/c shit is going to get ruined.

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