Saturday, June 6, 2015

Not much

Hasn't been too much going on here.
My milk supply dropped considerably for some reason a few days ago. I was getting 7-8oz in the morning and it kept going down down down.
Not sure what the heck happened. My supply is still really struggling right now. Will probably take at least a few more days to get it back to where it was.
Due date group ladies suggested I change the membranes on the pump thing which I did. Not sure if it's helping any.
I'm also trying to drink more water too. Need to take more fenugreek too.

Like right now... I've been pumping for 30min and don't even have half an ounce on my right boob. I was getting 2.5-3oz before. *shrugs* Really wish I knew what the hell happened.

Oren is doing well. He's wanting to sit up and stand up more now. We busted out the door frame bouncer thing for him just a little bit ago and he fell asleep in it. Awww lol. I'll get pics of it up later.

He's good though. Just wish he would stop fighting sleep. He gets SO worked up sometimes and it really stresses me out.
Thursday was a particularly terrible day. He was crying and screaming SO much. As soon as he would get to sleep... anything would wake him, but most of the time it would be Zoe. UGH that was not a good day for my sanity.

Zoe is doing well. She's going through a growth spurt or something b/c she wants to eat nonstop. She's at aunt's house today. We were hesitant to let her go b/c we don't want her sent home with bug bites all over her again, but we also hate saying no.

Zoe's such a good little annoying toddler though lol. She's such a sweet girl. I just wish she wouldn't whine so much or cry at nothing. Mostly the whining I wish she would stop with. UGH whining drives me crazy. But I do feel lucky that she doesn't hit or bite or anything like that like a lot of kids do and hopefully she'll grow out of the whining thing lol.

Oh she woke up at 3:30 the other night. I laid in bed for a while until I couldn't take hearing her on the monitor any longer, so I got up to check on her. As soon as I opened her door, I got a whiff of poop.
Thought she must've pooped her diaper so woke up and wanted it changed so I bend over and check her.... no diaper at all and a nice wet pj bottoms. BLEH! Girl had taken off her diaper, put her pants back on and peed all over her blankets.
I just changed her and brought her to bed with us. Really nothing more I could've done at that moment. She moves too much though. DH and I both couldn't get back to sleep for a while b/c she was moving so darn much lol.
He's already told me that she's sleeping with me at the beach. Lol... we'll see.

Diet is going well. Another weigh in on Monday. Yesterday or day before I saw a 206 on the scale! WOO! But then dinner with the inlaws happened last night and this morning's weight was back up to 209 lol.
I know it's temporary, but I still wish that ONE meal didn't set me back so damn much. Really hoping weigh in on Monday shows at least a 207. Would be so nice to see the progress.

I am missing some of the bad food. Boy did I want some chocolate when we were grocery shopping. Just a kitkat or snickers or something, but no. I can't allow it. At least not right now. I have to lose as much as I can before the beach trip since at the beach, we aren't exactly going to be eating well. I can eat junk then.
Also will eventually have every once in a while more than 1 cheat meal a week. Like if we want some take out for lunch or dinner on Saturday or something. But again, that's not going to happen until we're both steadily losing weight and down a good bit. I'll consider it once I'm in the onederlands which dangit... would love to be in soon!!
Heck, if this weight keeps coming off like it is (which I doubt, but I can dream)... I could see it before the beach.

Oh and DH has already dropped 6lbs!! So proud of him :) He's SO unhappy with all of the weight he's gained. I feel so bad b/c it is partially my fault with how terrible I ate when pregnant.
Anywho, he wants to get back down to around 180lbs which means he needs to lose about 50lbs.

It's insane to think about how much extra weight your body is carrying. I'm 209 this morning... my ideal body weight should probably be in the 120-130 range.... I'm carrying 80+ lbs of extra weight. I wouldn't even be able to pick that up if someone asked me to. I know that's not entirely the same since all of this weight is spread throughout my body but still... it's kind of daunting to think about.

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