Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Stop hurting!!!

*CRY* When are my boobs going to stop hurting so damn much?!!

Ok granted it's not AS bad as yesterday so that's good, but yesterday was frickin terrible so anything compared to that would be better.
Now my boobs are itchy, sweaty and I just want to massage them but they hurt so much when touched.
It sucked last night trying to go to bed and then waking up during the night b/c I wanted to turn but didn't want to move. UGH
I've been taking the leftover ibuprofen from my c-sec to help with the pain and thank goodness it is helping.

Oren had the last bottle of milk last night. So sad, but he's transitioned well to the formula. A little more gas than normal and definitely more regular pooping, but overall it's all good.

Holy moly... just realized he's 3m old today! :D

Will have to remember to get some photos of his cute little chunky self.

Really wish we had kept the bumbo seat. I think he would've loved it. He loves sitting and standing, but I gave it to SiL and yeah... even if they still had it.. the hell if I would want it back. Would be saturated in cig smoke. No thank you!
Oh well. He'll be sitting up on his own before we know it anyway.

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