Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stuff and junk

Quick post before I head to bed.

We bought our Christmas tree on Saturday! WOO! :D It doesn't smell though :( The sap on it smells awesome, but just sniffing it, it doesn't have that awesome douglas fur smell to it. Booooo
We haven't put any decor on it yet b/c the cat keeps pooping and pissing in the room that it's in. Damn cat. Dunno WTH his fat ass problem is. Frickin cat!

Finished one Christmas present tonight! WOO! Good lord that thing feels like it took forever, but it's pretty cute. I'll get photos and post them :)
Now.. I have 2 more presents to work on.... UGH lol

Oh and I have such a cute idea to start up my own etsy shop. It's the first time I've ever actually really considered selling anything I make and I THINK my idea would do well. I'll elaborate later down the road as it fleshes out a bit more.

Zoe is doing well. She coughs and sneezes every once in a while, but her cold is mostly gone.
Good lord.. she is a tornado on 2 feet, or well.. all 4's right now. She gets in to EVERYTHING and tears it up if possible!
Destruction and chaos never looked so cute :P lol

Boy is she getting in to that toddler phase though. She does NOT like being told "No". She'll start crying and whining and will flail her arms and hit. Thankfully it's not a forceful hit, I think it happens mostly b/c she's flailing her arms, but when she does it, we tell her "No hitting" and will sit her down or if she's on our lap, then we'll put her on the floor.
She'll get up and then will hit our leg and I'll repeat and sit her on the floor. She's def testing the boundaries, but she's gonna learn that mommy and daddy don't give in.

She's my mini-me though. Like when our dogs start barking, I'll usually yell "DOGS" at them to get them to hush.
Well, she's picked up that habit and will yell "OH" or "NO" at them lol.
Need to get some more photos of her and post them already! Stop saying it and just do it :P

Ok this post was longer than expected. It's after 11 and I'm TIRED!

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