Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Poor kitty

I know I keep going on about how our cat is an asshole that is pooping and peeing on the carpet. Welp, it's b/c his paws are hurting him, or more like the litter we were using was hurting his paws.
He has Plasma cell pododermatitis aka Pillow foot.
We looked it up when we noticed his paw pads and the vet confirmed it after taking a sample of the fluid (which wasn't much surprisingly).
While walking on the carpet is ok, his litter was hurting his feet so that's most likely the reason why he's been going on the carpet.
Well crap... now I feel bad for being mad at him.
We've switched his litter to a very fine grain corn stuff. It's very soft. Also switched his other litter box to some wood shavings to see if he would like that.
And we have the area he's been using as his toilet gated off and have him locked in a certain area. He's been ok but does not like parts of the house being off limits.

Anyway, they don't know what causes it and we have to give him meds that MIGHT work.
Prednisolone. It's some kind of steroid and he has to get A LOT of it, in liquid form meaning we have to burrito him in a towel and squirt the stuff in to his mouth w/ a syringe. It's a ton of it too. It's almost the entire syringe worth of meds we have to get him to take... EVERY day for two weeks. He's going to hate us by the time this is all over. That's JUST at this dose too. Once we're done at this dose, we have to wean him off of the meds. And boy they are not cheap.
We have a 16? day supply and it cost us over $70. So yeah... lot of money for something that might not even work.
He was foaming, drooling and spitting it all out today. Can't blame him. I'd be spitting out meds too if someone was forcing me to drink it lol.

And of course the vet and tech had to mention his weight. They weighed him and he's almost 21lbs :P lol
They kept telling us not to overfeed and stories about owners feeding their fat cats table scraps.
We don't overfeed him. He gets 1/4 of a cup of Blu brand cat food twice a day. That's it. We very very rarely give him table scraps and when we do, it's maybe a very tiny piece of meat. I'm talking this may happen 2 or 3 times a YEAR.
So yeah... he's not fat b/c of anything we do or give him.

So yeah... poor kitty cat. He's a pain in our asses but we're willing to do this in hopes that he'll get better.

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