Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stuff before she wakes

Poor Zoe has some teeth popping through and it's giving her a minor fever. Nothing too bad thankfully but she's still kinda miserable.
She slept SO much yesterday. Put her down for her first nap at 9:40, she didn't get up until after 12.
THEN she was acting really fussy like she does when she's tired so I put her in her crib at 1:40 and she went right to sleep and I had to wake her at 3:40.
She woke a few times during the night and had a 100 temp. Our poor baby. :(
She woke up at 8 this morning, but could tell she was still tired and yeah, I'm up now just waiting for her to wake.

I think she's def the last to walk on her own in my DD group. :\
We know she can do it, she just doesn't.  Walking with her holding on to our hand, we can offer no actual support, like her leaning and obviously favoring our hand as support, and she'll still walk (hope that made sense)... so yeah... it just seems to be a confidence issue with her not wanting to do it on her own.
We're walking her everywhere though now. We did it in Target the other day while we were Xmas shopping and she was LOVING it. Grabbing all the toys she could and wanting to play with them lol.
She'll get there, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least a little worried.
No, we haven't called her doctor yet to tell them that she's not walking on her own. I just don't think there's a reason to, but I dunno, we'll see I guess.

Cat is about the same. His front paws look a little better, but his back ones are still pretty swollen. Trying to force your cat to take meds SUCKS. We waste almost all of this liquid crap b/c she spits and drools it out unless we want to ram the syringe down his throat, which we don't.
DH looked it up and found that there's another med that we could use that comes in pill form and is MUCH cheaper. We go back to the vet on Thursday I think and he's gonna mention it then.

What else what else....
We WERE trying to be good with our diet, and that has been about 50% successful so far lol.
I've gained back everything I lost. I know it's just bloat though. I can feel it and it's gross.

I'm on cd40 with no end in sight! UGH!
I'm not even dreaming about positive pregnancy tests any longer. Nope. Had myself a dream last night that I got a positive OPK! lol
Whatever... I'm not spotting so I'm good.

And I think that's it for now. We still haven't taken Xmas photos of Zoe. We need to wrap some boxes up to make it look like we have a lot of presents under the tree lol.

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