Thursday, December 26, 2013

Xmas and stuff

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, or whatever holiday you celebrate :)

It was good here. We opened a couple of Zoe's presents on Christmas eve then the rest the next morning. She was so excited to get new stuff. She didn't know what to play with heh.
Thankfully she was back to her old self. No more teething crankiness.

We then headed over to the inlaws house and had breakfast. Zoe was of course being passed around all over the place lol.
Anyways, blahblahblah, she got a lot more stuff and loves all the toys. Especially this train thing that my brother and his family bought for her. It's a walker/riding train thing that has alphabet blocks that you can put in to a hole and it poops it out. It also makes noise, sings etc etc. She LOVES that thing.

Oh, AND she managed to walk a few steps on her own :D YAY!!! We knew she had it in her but it's all confidence issue. She's just so cautious and doesn't want to let go. DH's aunt was getting her to do it though, at least for a step or 2.

Already said that she can spend the night over there next week. BLEH!
DH's sister (the one that just had the m/c :( ) is coming in on New Years even and they asked if Zoe could spend the night. I guess. If they want to stay up the entire night with her... more power to them.

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