Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Holy credit card bill Batman!!

We were doing so well with our credit card bill. Paying it off every month and mostly only having the cable and phone bill on it.
Nothing like end of the year birthdays and Christmas to screw all that up!
DH has been on a HUGE spending spree and has wracked up over 2k on the credit card already! O_O
It's nice that he wants to buy stuff for his friends but... DAMN.
Ok so not all of it was gifts. Some of it is stuff we wanted/need. Like another baby gate. But that's only $89. And I know I haven't gotten anything. He may have bought himself a new knife, and we bought Zoe this cute Pooh plushie blanket for $10... but yeah.. that's still only a tiny fraction of frickin 2k!

He better not even bitch when I have to buy more OPKs! lol

UGH, I forgot to mention this mostly b/c I didn't want another bitchy post but.. well here it is.
So on Thanksgiving, DH's aunt kept bugging us about letting Zoe spend the night with her. Just by looking at us, it was obvious that we weren't comfortable with it. So we skirted around the subject.
Well she mentions that she wants Zoe to spend the night on Saturday so she can "show her off at church" on Sunday.
Neither DH or I agreed to it and it wasn't brought up again.

Come Saturday, DH gets a call while we're out looking for a Christmas tree from said aunt wondering when/where she can pick Zoe up. Uhm... what?
Well apparently in her mind, she thought we said yes to her plan and had been planning on getting Zoe.
No.... no.
DH explained to her very calmly that we had never said yes to that.
THAT's when the guilt trips from them (aunt and his mom) started.
How we never let them see her and how Zoe isn't going to know who they are.
Oh SHUT UP. Guilt trips might work on some people, but not us, especially when it comes to Zoe. It just pisses us off and def doesn't make us want Zoe over there.

They have it in their minds that we think that we're better than them and will intentionally keep Zoe away and raise her to hate them or something. Why? Because DH has a good paying job (nm that we still don't have a lot of money). They think we're swimming in money and drinking out of solid gold cups or something. I dunno.

On a lighter note... back to why we don't have a lot of money lol..
DH found this adorable Christmas ornament. He was looking at Amazon and found this Expectant mom ornament. It's a pregnant snow'mom' lol. She's holding a piece of paper that says Due Date that you can write on and then write up under her your name and stuff. It's so cute and he bought it for his sister. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW
Just melt my heart.

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