Saturday, December 7, 2013

Quick quick

Think Zoe is finally awake. It's almost 10am! She woke up earlier, but ended up going back to sleep. Hey.. whatever, I got to sleep in a little so I'm happy hehe.

Here are some photos and videos finally! :D
Stopped being lazy and finally uploaded them.

First up... the new clothes we bought for her.
I know it's boring, but I can't help it, baby/toddler clothes are adorable!

Boring shirts for next year. They were on sale and we needed $50 for free shipping lol.

An awesome sweater dress. It looks so much better in person than it did on the website. It's also 24m but I'm gonna put her in it anyway :P lol

And finally, her awesomely festive Christmas outfit!
Since we couldn't find a Santa or Elf costume in her size, we went with the next best thing and got something SUPER Christmasy but still cute heh.
Figured that we only have a couple more years before she starts rebelling against our clothing choices for her so have to have fun now while she has no say LOL
If I have time, going to try to make her a hat to go with it. :D

And here is the blanket I was working on for a friend's boy.
I tried doing the letters all nice and neat but it didn't work out. Still cute though :)
Here is a link to the patten if anyone is interested. Not sure if you have to sign up for the website but it's free so not a big deal if you do :)

This was taken when Zoe was sick. She managed to get in to potted plants we thought were blocked.
Dirty face but adorable :D
Can really see how much her hair has grown. We'll have a ponytail sooner or later.

Having fun with daddy. She looks so grown in this photo.

And finally.. some videos!!

Number 1 - Smiling for the camera near the end
Number 2 - Obviously taken at the same time as the other. Smiling at first w/ an MM and pretend eating thrown in :)

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