Friday, December 20, 2013

No no no :(

DH talked to his mom yesterday and learned that his sister is having a miscarriage :(
I feel SO bad for her.
She had her first appointment Wed. I guess everything looked fine when they checked her. I'm not sure though.
She started spotting on Thursday. She started to freak as any woman would, went in and they told her that there was no heartbeat and that the baby had stopped growing.
I'm not sure how they could determine that if she had just went in on Wed and things looked ok (about the growing part I mean)? Again though, not sure what she was told then.
I just feel so devastated for her though. I know how excited she was. Heck, they told EVERYONE within that first week... and now this :(
UGH and then we sent her that Christmas ornament too. I thought we may want to wait, but it was so cute and we were so excited too.
I hope she's ok. I know how she must be feeling. To have your hopes up so much. To FINALLY see that first ever BFP on a test.... and then your world crashes around you.

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