Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Just go to SLEEP!!

It's a 50/50 chance. Zoe will either go down for a nap with no fuss, or will kick and scream her head off.
Recently it's been more of the screaming it seems. She's obviously tired. She does all of her I'm tired signs (rubbing her head, eyes. Scratching her nose, pulling on her ear, etc etc), and yet, as soon as she gets put down in to her crib, she starts tantruming and screams her head off.
Been having to do some crying it out.
The girl just doesn't know what she wants lol.

Still no walking on her own :\
I know in my gut that she can do it.... and yet she doesn't.

She's going to spend the night w/ her aunt tonight. Yikes.
DH's sis and her husband are coming in today and leaving on Saturday so I guess they figure get Zoe on New Years. *shrugs*
They're going to be in for a very long restless night. Zoe just isn't used to sleeping anywhere but her crib.
Hell, even in the car now... she will rarely fall asleep in her carseat. She's just very stubborn about where she sleeps and... I just don't see this turning out well. Sucks for them though and for poor Zoe. Hopefully she'll end up sleeping wherever though.
Not sure what DH and I are going to do. He's off tomorrow so *shrugs*
We bought some fireworks to shoot off tonight but other than that... no idea.
Sleep in is #1 on whatever happens LOL.

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