Sunday, December 8, 2013

Gloomy outside, LOUD inside

Man... Zoe is a shrieky little banshee these days.
Screams when she's upset, screams for the hell of it LOL. It is ear piercing too.
Thankfully, for now, she's still well behaved in public, but I know that's probably going to change not too far down the road.

SiL and brother brought over their little boy yesterday. YAY! First time I've seen him in weeks.
He's so tiny and floppy. Still in that baby blob mode lol. Slept most of the time they were here but I didn't care. He's so cute!
They say he has his nights and days mixed up. By the way he was sleeping, that seems about right. Yikes for them. Hopefully he'll sleep when he should soon.
Can't believe it's almost been a month since he was born! Geezus where does the time go?

Things are good here though. We didn't put any lights outside this year. Neither of us felt like doing it so we just sorta went MEH, and that was it lol. Just don't feel like setting it all up only to have to take it all back down. PITA even though it is fun.
Our Xmas tree will have to do :D It kinda sucks though. One of the points of getting a real tree is for the awesome smell, and our tree has NO SMELL! WTH?? There's some crystallized sap that has a smell if you break it off, but other than that.. NOTHING! Grrrrr
Maybe we should go chop off the tips of some of the branches and see if that helps.

The cat is ok. Boy does he hate getting his meds. I can't say I blame him. Having a giant syringe full of nasty meds shoved in to your mouth doesn't sound like fun. He's ok afterwards though and seems to forgive us so that's good at least heh.
He's using his litter box again thankfully. Only to pee in though which I'm fine with. He poops on the rug that's under his litter boxes. Whatever... it's not on the carpet so I'm good with it lol.
His back paw pads are still pretty swollen, his front feet seem to have gotten a little bit better. Hoping to see even more improvement next weekend.
If you're wondering how it feels and looks... imagine a giant fluid filled blister. The skin holding in the fluid feels very thin and squishy. That's how his paw pads feel. Very swollen, very thin, and VERY full of fluid.

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