Monday, December 16, 2013

Screw Nutella! Give me Cookie Butter!!!

Seriously, if you haven't had it yet, GET SOME!
They sell it at Trader Joe's.
We actually haven't had the kind they sell there. DH's friends that live in the Netherlands sent us a jar. It says Speculoos on it so guessing it's the same thing.
It's AMAZING!!! Holy crap it's awesome. Seriously.... get some and then give some to your friends and family to convert them to it too lol
It tastes like sugar cookies w/ the texture of peanut butter. *drooooools*
We haven't been to the TJ here since it's in a really bad (as in traffic) part of town but I want to go and get some jars for everyone for Xmas.
((just looked it up on Amazon. It does look like it's the same stuff they sent us. Just theirs has the European label (wherever they got it).... and that stuff is expensive!! PFFT screw buying some for everyone. We'll buy a few and let them fight over it lol))

Enough of that...

I finished that blanket a few days ago. YAY! :D Kinda difficult giving it up. It turned out pretty darn nice. May have to make one for us :D
$25 for yarn if I can get it for the same price.. then the time put in to it... yeah, doesn't sound that bad to me :)

Just started on the other blanket I want to give to SiL's girl. She wanted a hexagon shaped one like I made for other SiL's baby shower, but it bunched and didn't turn out right so I'm trying a round one. Hopefully it turns out ok and doesn't take me too long to do since Xmas is a little over a week away. Good lord, the last few months fly by!

Our Christmas shopping is almost done though. Just need to get a few more things in the mail, get some photos and yep, we're good :)
DH is off next week too so WOO! I'm so happy about that. He's had to work the last 2 Christmas's and it will be nice to actually have him home all day for it.
I don't mind that he has to work on Christmas. They do it in rotations, but it still sucked that his group were stuck having to do it twice in a row.

Anyway... we're going to be taking Zoe to see Santa next week. Hopefully get some good photos from that and we need to take some with her posing in front of the tree to give to everyone.
So yeah, still busy busy.

And yep, that's about it :)
Sorry I haven't been posting much. Just most of my free time is being used to make the blankets atm... something I need to get back to doing while Zoe is still napping :)

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