Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ruh Roh Shaggy!

So... I'm probably going to be buying some pregnancy tests in the next couple of weeks if my period doesn't start.

I noticed some CM on the tp a couple of days ago and warned DH when he was getting frisky. So we put it off for a couple of days and had sex last night.
Thing is.... I noticed EWCM yesterday that I told DH about when he was getting frisky again and well... we did it anyway /facepalm.
That's not to say we're definitely going to get pregnant by any means, but yeah... there's a possibility.
If I don't end up pregnant... we really need to be more careful until we are ready to try again (if that happens).
I just think both of us threw caution to the wind b/c it took so long to have Zoe and Oren so we're not expecting anything to happen.
We'll see though.
The thought of having another baby right now makes me want to sob from exhaustion LOL... but I'd be lying if I said it also wasn't a nice thought too. I do really want another and if it happens sooner than we were hoping.. then that's what was supposed to happen and we'll be happy and get through it as best we can :)
Man... we'd have to trade in one of the cars for something that could fit 3 carseats.... and figure out where the heck the baby's room was going to be. We have a dining room, but my big 125g tank is in it and a family room, but we have a ton of exercise stuff in that one....
Anyway... getting ahead of myself.
If I am fertile and I do ovulate... then in 10 days give or take.. AF should be showing. So next Saturday if I ovulate today. If nothing by the 10th... I'll go buy some tests.


Speaking of pregnancy... SiL's is going great and I'm so happy for her!! She had a NT scan done since she is older and had the m/c before and everything looked great. YAY! Everyone says they think she's gonna have a boy. Yeah... everyone said that for Zoe too lol.
Going by the heart rate they first saw, if you believe in old wives tales.. it's a girl.
They're finding out the gender in early Sept I think. :)
Just so happy for her and her husband. They're going to make excellent nerdy parents :D hehe

OOOOOOOO we went to Kohl's on Saturday to look for a Birthday Girl shirt for Zoe. They didn't have any, but we can't resist looking through their clearance racks for great deals. And BOY did they have some good ones. Lots of $1-3 stuff that we got for Zoe. A lot of it too big, but she'll grow in to them obviously.
Well as I was looking... she started to whine saying "Wear Anna."
I didn't know what she was talking about until I saw the wall of PJs/nightgowns. They had one that looked like Anna's (from Frozen) costume. I got DH to get it down along with another frozen gown. We weren't sure on what the prices would be so I took them to a price check..... the Anna one came up as 2.80.... the other one as 3.00.
Uhm... What???? Disney stuff is NEVER on clearance for that cheap at Kohls!!
I rescanned them a few more times and yep... every time they both came up those prices.
So we found an employee to check the prices for us and yep... they rang up for that and she put the 90% off sticker on them.
WOOOO!! I'm sure it was probably an error, but we made sure to check and still got the deal and Zoe got her some new PJ gowns :D

Which reminds me... holy crap.... Zoe's birthday is next Saturday! Where the hell has the time gone??
I knew her birthday was coming up soon, just didn't realize it was this soon lol.
She's not getting any toys from us. Oh wait no.. that's wrong. We already bought her a lot of fake plastic food for her kitchen. Other than that... no toys.
We bought her a full length mirror and need to get a few more things.
I want to get her a stepping stool for the bathroom and I think we were talking about getting her a tricycle, but that may wait until Christmas. Need to sit DH down and figure things out and figure out where the heck we're throwing her party. Think he still wants to do it at the local state park. I just worry b/c it could rain and it's definitely going to be SUPER hot, but DH is determined to have it somewhere other than our nice AC'd house :\

Anywho.. Oren is getting fussy!... Gotta put him down for a nap :D

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