Wednesday, July 8, 2015

No doubt about it

All the doubt I had before was gone this morning when I used the bathroom.
This is definitely my period. It's gotten a lot heavier and BOY the bloat feeling down there is flippin terrible.

Oren is definitely going through sleep regression. The first stretch is about 4 hours... and then the rest of the night is every 2-3hrs.
I'm so damn tired :(
If I could just go to sleep when he does at 7-7:30... that would be awesome :P lol
Oren has rolling to his side down... he hasn't rolled to his stomach yet though. Not really worried about that or anything. Zoe took forever to do it and did it very rarely.

We discussed some about Zoe's birthday. We know we want to get her a rug for her room, a mirror, and we saw these cool Star Wars wall lights that we would like to get for her room. DH liked some fake food pack that I found on Amazon so we'll probably get that too.
And yeah... other than that.... *shrugs*
As for where... DH was disappointed that I didn't want to do it at the local park. Dude... seriously.... it's probably going to be 100 out... and if not 100, it sure as heck going to feel that hot. No one, other than the kids, will want to stay out in that kind of weather. If he can come up with a way to keep everyone cool.. then I'm fine doing it outside.

Anyway....  period means that I may actually ovulate which means.... DH better be careful when he wants to get freaky :P

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