Sunday, July 5, 2015

Great news!

SiL is pregnant! DH's older sister. SO happy for her! Think MiL said she's about 8 weeks along. She had her first ultrasound and they saw the heartbeat (180) and everything looked good so far :)
I really really hope this is it for her. She's going to make a fantastic mom.
She called MiL last night and MiL had her on speaker phone while she messed with her tablet. And when baby stuff came up, you could just hear it in her voice that she was so excited.
I'm just so ridiculously happy for her and I'm hoping, praying, keeping my fingers crossed, everything that this is it... that that little gummi bear in there is their take home baby and everything is nice and healthy.
This baby will be due early February too. Seems to be the pattern for us. One gets pregnant, gives birth... and shortly after another gets pregnant lol. Really happy that all of the cousins on DH's side are so close in age. Hoping this means they'll be close when they grow up.
So YAY!!!

In other news... my body is still doing something weird. What exactly? I have no frickin clue. I started spotting yesterday right before we left for the inlaws for the 4th of July get together so I put on a pad just in case.
It felt like it was getting heavier, but every time I went to the bathroom, there was only very light spotting still and barely anything on the tp. And it wasn't bright red.. more of that orangy color.
But still.. all night long it felt like I was getting small gushes... and I know it wasn't me peeing a little or anything lol. It had to have been CM.
Came home and changed the pad and hardly anything was on it. *shrugs* Dunno WTH my body is doing but the spotting thing needs to stop. So annoying!

The 4th was good though. Hope everyone that celebrates it had a great time, and if you don't, well I hope you had a great Saturday :)

DH had to work so I was left at home. I had to make stuff for the BBQ anyway. Prebaked some ribs and made some homemade bread. Used a different recipe than I had before. Texture was really good. Crunchy on the outside and chewy in the middle, but there was absolutely NO flavor to the bread. It needed a lot more salt to it. So disappointed.

I did eat stuff that I shouldn't have due to my low carb diet, but I held back on it so it shouldn't be too bad.

OH! Stupid DH and his relative. Not sure what his title would be to DH... he's DH's mom's cousin.
Anyway... the cousin bought bout 20lbs of this explosive crap to blow up. They (cousin, his step father, SiL, her husband, DH, FiL) went down to where they usually target practice to blow it up.
First explosion was LOUD and shook the house. Oh it was nothing compared to the 2nd explosion. Even louder and shook the house even more. I'm shocked that they all came back with their hearing intact. The 2nd explosion scared the crap out of all of us still in the house and even knocked down a photo over MiL. Also shocked that no one called the police b/c I'm sure everyone around the area heard and felt it..... sigh.. morons.

And Zoe.... UGH Zoe with her cousin last night was a whole lot of fighting, whining, screaming and hitting. Oh... Zoe doesn't hit us, but she sure as shit hits her cousin. They were both tired so it made everything 100x worse. 2 toddlers told to share toys= disaster. Zoe definitely got in trouble b/c she kept hitting her cousin (not hard, but not the point) to get her away from some playdoh she had claimed. UGH But at least there were others there to discipline her. So glad inlaws don't shy away from disciplining too like I know some families do. They're all involved and won't let Zoe get away with anything.

And finally... I keep forgetting to update on our cat.
He's doing so much better that he's actually acting like a normal cat again. His paw pads still aren't normal size, but they don't seem to be hurting him as much as they were.
He's actually been playing, running around, jumping up on stuff, etc. Accidents on the floor have been minimal, but he has done it a couple of times.
But yeah... he's feeling a lot better now which I'm happy about.... damn cat :P lol

I'll try to remember to get some photos uploaded soon.

Oh I almost forgot... Zoe had a little incident other than the toddler fighting.
We gave her a sparkler for the first time. Used a coffee filter so no stray sparks from it hit her hand while she waved it around....
She was on her 2nd one and everything was going fine until it went out and she reached up and grabbed it with her other hand.
Yeah... she burned herself pretty good. M poor girl :( The burns are a little blistered now and I'm sure still probably hurt a good bit.

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