Saturday, July 4, 2015

Frickin idiots (a lot of cursing ahead)

Ok so I'm about to become a giant hypocrite. I know it... I've proven myself to be before lol...

But my brother and his wife.... royally piss me off sometimes.
They're going to comic con again this year. Awesome right? Well, that's until you realize that my brother hasn't had a job since the beginning of the year AND his wife doesn't work either. WTF?
And they were 2 months late on their rent! They rent DH's grandfather's old house so of course they can get away with being late b/c DH's grandfather is a good person and wouldn't kick them out.
Oh and I bet if anyone went over to their house, they'd be sporting some new computer stuff, gaming stuff, toys for their kids, etc etc... b/c priorities.

I got an IM from my brother on FB not that long ago. Just a HI b/c that's how he always starts his shit.... and I never answered b/c I just knew he was going to try some bullshit and ask us to watch their youngest. Bitch.. no. 1..... we have a baby and a toddler... so no. 2... that boy...b/c they don't take him out anywhere or get him used to other people knows NONE OF US so would be miserable if they left him with anyone.
So apparently they're leaving their 2 older girls with MiL and taking their youngest. Everyone knows they would dump him at MiL's house too if they could.

It just UUUUUUUUUUUUGH pisses me off so GD much how irresponsible they are. You have a fucking family you need to be providing for.... Going to comic con shouldn't be your top GD priority.
Then.. my brother has the nerve to say that he needs this vacation! What??? Bitch, you've been out of a job for how many months?? And trust me when I say... he hasn't been the one to take care of their kids other than driving them around.
Oh AND you can be 100% sure that HE was the reason why he has no job. He gets these great techie jobs that have great benefits for his family and then he totally fucks it up. He does ok at first then slowly but surely, he'll start calling in sick and will eventually get fired. Over and over and over again. Not sure where the hell he thinks he lives b/c these jobs are not just popping up all over the place here and I'm sure there are more qualified people applying for them.
Oh and he won't apply for a regular job at say.. a grocery store or Walmart/Target. Oh no... he's too good for those... nevermind that his family has NO FUCKING MONEY coming in and are apparently going through his wife's inheritance like it's a bottomless pit.

This is why I don't talk to them often b/c of shit like this. I want to scratch their eyes out and yell at them to be more responsible. I love them, but good frickin lord are they infuriatingly STUPID.

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