Thursday, July 16, 2015

So much poo!

Potty training is in full effect.
I started yesterday and there was so much pee.
The first time I asked her if she needed to pee.. right after I asked her, I mean I was still looking at her and hadn't turned away or anything... she peed herself. SIGH.
Then... Zoe had been constipated for a few days so needless to say.. what was in her was BIG and she did not want to push it out b/c it was hurting her.
So I gave her juice mixed with Miralax. She did eventually poop... right in her diaper. And she was sharting ALL day. Skid marks all over the place. BLEH!
She pooped a few more times in her diaper and peed a few more times all over the floor. But she did eventually, right before bed.. pooped and peed in the potty.
She was so proud of herself too for doing it. She got lots of hugs and high fives for doing it too! :D

This morning so far.. she pooped in her undies not even 5 minutes after I put them on her. No pee yet, but I can feel it coming. She did poop once in the potty too though so that's good :)

She's just so darn stubborn. Ask her if she has to go... "No" 2 seconds later and there's a puddle on the floor -_-

Exercise is going well. I'm so out of shape but I'm trying my best. I know the more I do it, the better I'll get. I'm still feeling determined and just done with being this fat.
Unfortunately, weight loss has stalled. Seems to be normal though for those just starting so I'm not worried about it. I know the scale will start moving again.
SO darn close to the 100's!

I did start spotting yesterday. Didn't last long and wasn't a lot but not really sure what that was about. Also got a dull headache that lasted throughout the day and would not go away after taking Tylenol. Had to take an ibuprofen as well before it finally subsided.
Must be something hormonal going on. What? I have no flippin clue.

Oren's night time sleep is still terrible. I think he's ready to come out of his swaddle. He's been struggling with it for a while. Going to try to keep him unswaddled tonight. Will probably be rough for the next few days but pfft, it's been rough the last couple of weeks so not really a big change.
He's napping in his crib right now all sprawled out and comfy.

Feels like I wanted to mention something else but... shrugs...

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