Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sorry sorry!

GAH! I keep forgetting to post here. I'm posting on the blog option over at sparkpeople and just completely forget to do it here too.

Things have been pretty good.

Diet has been going well. I do end up craving sweets still, but since I'm not being super strict.. just watching portions... it hasn't been too bad.
What that means is that, if I want a cookie, I'm having a cookie. I'm just not going to eat a bazillion of them like I would have before.

I started exercising yesterday finally. After looking in to it, DH agreed to ordering the new P90 program. It's basically a much needed updated version of the original one that we have. And let me say... it's A LOT harder too.

I'm still feeling more determined than ever to get this weight off once and for all. My weight is still kind of stuck but I think with the exercise included now.. it will start dropping better along with the inches.


We let Zoe go to the beach with MiL and aunt (along w/ 2 of Zoe's cousins).
They're supposed to be coming back today. Must say, it's been nice to have some one on one time with Oren & not having to deal with her toddler drama lol, but I can't wait to see my baby girl.
I'm sure she had a great time.

Oren is doing well. Looked like he was getting a cold, but it was just a runny nose and some coughing and that was it. He's still having some coughing but I think it might be reflux causing it b/c it only seems to happen after he's eaten.

He's so darn cute!!! He's started trying to grab my mouth :P lol Hurts like hell w/ his raptor claws and him not knowing his own strength so he grips really hard, but it's so cute too. I had his pacifier in my mouth and he was so amused by it and reached for it to put in to his own mouth. Awwwww

He's still going through a bad leap though. Catnapping most of the time during the day and still waking up every 2hrs at night. UGH, I'm so damn tired!
Just gotta keep truckin on though.

Period stopped a few days ago. Wasn't really all that heavy. Thank goodness. I think I remember my first period after having Zoe being super heavy.

Just kind of curious what my body is going to do now. Will it start working right... or at least as right as it can... or will it still be all wonky and off. We'll see.

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