Monday, July 27, 2015

I need a schedule

Ok, I need specific days to post on so I can remember to post. Maybe Mondays and Fridays.
We'll see.

Anyway... I'm on week 3 of exercising and it's going good so far. Weighed myself today and I'm a 204. That's an 8lb loss. Weigh in day is friday though so we'll see what it is officially then :)

Potty training has been going ok. Been some accidents... a really gross poo one the other day though. Zoe was sitting on the recliner and suddenly she starts whining as she's climbing down and sure enough... there's a smooshed turd where she was sitting and then another smooshed one where she was sliding off the chair. BLEH! lol She quickly ran to her potty where she deposited another little turd :P lol
So yeah... we still have to remind her to go and if we don't.. well... pee and poo everywhere.

She keeps messing with her girly bits though. Even with panties on.. her hand is always down there. She's not irritated or anything so I guess it's just curiosity and whatnot? Wish she would stop b/c she's still very orally fixated and puts everything in her mouth. BLEH. I'm sure that was the reason why she got sick for a little bit. She kept putting her hand in her butt. :\

But yeah.. no more hands in the butt, but she still has them all over everything else. Sigh....

Oren is good. He has his 4m appointment on Thusday. It's almost a month late, but it's all they had I guess. He's gonna be getting some shots. Not looking forward to those screams.

We moved him to his room this weekend. I had been putting him in his crib for naps so the transition went pretty well. Just need to get him to sleep through the night.
Last night was a really good night. He only woke up once.... HEAVEN! lol
Hopefully this trend continues.

And yeah... really nothing much else going on. Just the usual stuff :)

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