Monday, July 6, 2015

Potty training? Pfft

I'm so damn lazy. I'm supposed to be potty training Zoe and it's just not happening.
She has gone a couple more times, but it's been a very lazy lazy effort to get her to do it. I know she's ready, but just have no energy to commit to it. Mom of the year moment :\
I'll get my shit together soon though.

Poor Oren is so congested. He's constantly squirming at night and it always wakes me up. Now DH is sick and with his snoring and Oren's squirming... I'm getting only a couple of hours of sleep. To say I'm tired is an understatement.

Also... I'm spotting again today. It's a bit heavier than it has been, but still not a lot. Just want my body to do whatever it's going to do already. If AF is going to start, just start.
Actually had myself convinced yesterday that pregnancy was a possibility lol. I'll just chalk that lunacy up to hormones :P lol

But..... even though I am so exhausted.... I do want another lol. I'd like to get healthier first before another pregnancy though. I'll be 36 this year so there's still plenty of time if we do decide on having another... or it happening by accident so I'm not too worried about trying for another super quick.

As for getting healthy. July 4th food wasn't all that healthy (think I mentioned that already?), but I did really old back on how much of it I ate.
I'm at 208.8 this morning. So darn close to seeing that 100 weight but so far away too. It's like the closer I get to it, the more my body starts to resist losing weight. Darn body.
I'm still committed to this though. This time next year... I WILL be at are really damn close to my goal.
Don't think I've ever felt this motivated and committed to losing weight before. I just hope it keeps up. Trying my best to do everything I can to stay motivated.

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