Sunday, August 2, 2015

Not so bad

Oren had his 4m checkup on Thursday... more like 5m but whatever.
He weighed in at 16.5lbs and I can't remember height off top of my head. Weight was 60th percentile and height was 40th... so he's a little butterball. Well.. his legs are :P heh
He took his shots pretty well. Only cried for maybe 30sec if that.

His sleep has been pretty consistent these last few days. Wakes up about 2-3 times at night. Not ideal by any means, but it's better than him waking every hour.
He's rolling over like crazy. He can roll from stomach to back, but I think he gets frustrated that he can't move yet.. or he forgets that he can roll lol.
DH and I both think he's going to be crawling/walking way before Zoe did.

Zoe is doing well. We just got her back. She spent the night with her granny and aunt. She loves it over there. Probably b/c they spoil her rotten.... ROTTEN and let her stay up until the buttcrack of dawn.
Her potty skills are still about what they were before. Few accidents and sometimes have to remind her to go sit on the potty before an accident happens.

DH and I decided we're doing the Disney Princess theme for her birthday. Nothing huge. We're not getting her a costume or anything....although that would be cute. But we did get her a tiara to wear and will be getting her a princess cake, decorations etc. She's gonna love it. :)
Can't remember if I mentioned it or not, but we decided to just throw it at our house. DH procrastinated too long to reserve anything and I'm just happy we're having it indoors in AC lol. I'll have a lot of cleaning to do, but meh...that's ok :)

I'm ok. I got nauseous and threw up yesterday. Thought it was from metformin reacting to the bad dinner I had on Friday, but I think it was just some 24hr stomach bug. I felt awful the entire day and had waves of nausea all day long.
Thankfully feeling better today though.

DH and I are on our last week of P90 A (the first 30 days). So proud of us :)

As for possibly pregnancy.... obviously don't have any news about that yet. Will have to wait and see. DH and I have been talking about it and he actually doesn't seem all that against having another baby. Surprise the heck out of me. I guess I shouldn't be shocked with how willing he was to DTD without protection lol.
We've just been talking about how we'd have to trade in the car for probably a minivan. Sad but the thought of getting a minivan actually excites me ROFL.
And how if I do end up pregnant, I'd pretty much be his mom. Meaning... his mom has 3 kids and we'd have 3 kids spaced out almost exactly like she did. And If we had another girl? Yeah... same.

He asked me if I wanted another one. I do and mentioned how I wanted them spaced a little more, but he told me that if we were to have another, now would be the time to do it while we're still... youngish lol. He just doesn't want to be 40 having a baby. I reminded him a lot of people are having kids later in life, but he just doesn't want that. I understand.
Honestly though... it could go either way for me at this point. I'd be thrilled to have another, but if it never happened... I'd be ok with that too. Of course I would always wonder about another.
Anywho... we'll see what happens :)

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