Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Period? No Period?

I just don't even know anymore so I'm going to say.. period.
This is heavier than spotting but still pretty light. Most makes an appearance when I use the bathroom and is only spotting any other time.
Also, my uterus does feel slightly achy so I'm just going to vote for a light first post partum period.
So... boooo... and woot! too lol. Boo b/c well..it's a period and no one wants that.... but woo! For my body working (maybe) too.

Oren is doing well, but he is congested. He's going through some kind of growth spurt too b/c he's waking up more at night now which SUUUUUUUCKS.
I'm so darn tired b/c DH is also sick and snoring like crazy.

He's growing so fast though. Trying to fit his whole fist in to his mouth...playing with toys, smiling, laughing, etc etc.
And BOY is he chunky! I think his next appointment is at the end of the month so we won't know how big he's gotten until then. I just know we need to go up a diaper size. We still have a lot of 1's left that we need to get through lol. Maybe we could just save them and give them to SiL when she has her LO :)

We really need to start planning for Zoe's birthday. There are so many things I would like to get her. Just need to shorten that list a bit and pick a couple of things off of it. We're not rich so can't go buying everything lol.
DH is determined to have it somewhere special. It's going to be too damn hot to have it anywhere but indoors somewhere... like home. But he doesn't want to have it here.... no idea why. Really need to just sit down and plan it out already.

The presents though.... I think that's going to be the most difficult to figure out. She just likes so many things. That's a good thing b/c it gives us a lot of choices, but also bad b/c it gives us too many choices heh.
Thinking of maybe playdoh. She loves LOVES playing with it. Get her some along w/ some kind of playdoh gadget. But she always ends up ruining the playdoh by getting it everywhere and not putting it up. Meh... not a huge deal since it's fairly cheap.

Anyway... other than the lack of sleep... things are pretty good here :)

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