Friday, February 21, 2014

We're lucky

Being back on PCOS boards makes me realize just how lucky we are to have Zoe.
Things could have gone so different and I may still be sitting here trying for #1.
We are so lucky to have her and I am thankful every day for her.

It breaks my heart to see so many woman struggling still though. So so so many of them trying everything under the sun and still nothing or m/c after m/c :(


On a lighter note.... I gained about 3lbs today at dinner! LOL
We decided on Chinese buffet as our first cheat and BOY was it good!
I don't waste my time with fillers like rice or noodles. It's all meat baby!
Crab legs, pork, calamari rings, chicken wings, etc etc. MMMMM SO GOOD.
Also ate 2 "Chinese" Donuts aka fried biscuit dough in sugar, and 2 coffee cake things that are frickin scrumptious!

It was so good but man did I eat too much!

Zoe does not know what inside voice means yet. Girl got LOUD in the restaurant and was having a good ole time saying HI to everyone and waving her food around and just being adorably loud heh
She acts like we never take her anywhere :P hehe
She is not shy around strangers though. No stranger anxiety at all. I hope she keeps that up. Not to the point of taking candy from a stranger :P but you know what I mean lol

Oh man... I went to the grocery store with her this morning to pick up a few things. It was obvious that it was going to rain, but MAN.. I wasn't expecting a downpour and of course it had to happen right as we were heading out. It was raining good and them BOOM, completely drenched!
I practically had to throw Zoe in to the car to keep her from getting totally soaked and there were huge puddles in the bottom of all of the bags by the time I got to them to put them in the car lol. Good times good times.
Frickin SC weather man.

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