Sunday, February 23, 2014


Boy, that Chinese buffet on friday was delicious!! Paying for it w/ my weight but oh well.

Started inositol when I received it in the mail on Thursday night and been taking it twice a day since. I think there was some research that put women on 4g a day and that seems to be what most women are doing. It equals to about 2tsp a day.
Just put the powder in water and it dissolves. It tastes kind of synthetic and plasticy, but it's not too terrible and w/ a couple squirts of lemon in the water, I don't really notice it too much.

People also say it takes a while to start working. IF it does work. I think I've taken it before though. I thought it was the DCI inositol version, but apparently that stuff is more expensive, so it was probably myo that I took before with no results.

Maybe with the better diet I'll respond to it *shrugs*

There is def a difference in my appearance. Oh I'm still sporting the large belly, but I'm starting to get my jawline back and the double chin isn't so large.
I can also tell that my stomach has gone down some.
Long way to go, but it's getting there :)

While a late 2014 early 2015 baby would be awesome.... I think at the earliest, we're probably looking at a mid 2015 baby.
And ya know what, I'm ok with that. Heck, even a late 2015 is ok too. While I do still have some serious baby fever going on and good lord would I love to be pregnant RIGHT NOW.... I can wait a little longer so my body can get healthier.
The more weight I can lose can only help with my PCOS, and hopefully will help to get me ovulating again.

Speaking of that. Has anyone heard of someone that didn't respond to clomid or femara before. But then they lose weight and respond to it after taking it again?
Was thinking about maybe talking to my OBgyn about it and MAYBE giving clomid another shot if nothing by my April appointment. I highly doubt I would respond though. Just a thought...


Oh cat news...
His paws haven't gotten any better. We just switched him to a different steroid pill. I don't know the names of any of them so sorry for the lack of details.
The vet is really interested in his case though. She's never seen it before and says the condition is rare. Figures we would have the task of trying to figure out what works lol
Thankfully he's ok taking the pills (in pill pocket snacks). FX that we'll see some improvement soon. He's been on the new meds for a week? now, so should be a couple more weeks before we'll know.

We're going to 2 concerts this year! Or well, so far :D
Weezer is coming to some locations near us and DH jumped at the opportunity to see them. They hardly ever come anywhere close to us so DH was really excited about it. They're his fav band.
Only bad thing is that the venue is a stand only place. BLEH FOR ME! lol ;)

And I think I mentioned this already but we're also going to the Carolina Rebellion again! WOOT! Yeah I think I did mention it b/c I was going on about having to leave Zoe for so long :(

Zoe is just..... a toddler. lol I mean.... WOW
It is absolutely INSANE how quickly she is growing and developing. Her speech still isn't the best, but she tries and wants to know what everything is and tries to say the name.
Also it's so weird how much she understands.
Like telling her to go put something back somewhere.. she just knows.
Take for instance, she took something off of DH's desk. I told her to put it back on his desk. We've never taught her specifically what a "desk" is, but she knew where to put it.
And telling her to put the envelopes she pulled out back up... she did it (well crumpled up and messy but still).
Maybe she doesn't understand it completely, but her little brain is connecting those dots like a champ! ;)


Mlove said...

I've been reading your blog for awhile, and I thought I'd finally share with you- I starting reading when I decided I wanted to try for another baby. My first was an IVF baby and when I started research on a 2nd (since I couldn't afford another IVF) she was 8. I had never had a pregnancy other than her. I started primal after reading about your success and I tried it! 20lbs lighter I got pregnant on my own. It ended in a m/c at 9 weeks but without primal, I honestly don't think it would have happened. I was determined to have my 2nd baby and asked for clomid as a boost even though it didn't work for me years ago. 2 cycles later on a very low dose, I was pregnant again!! My miracle baby is now 2 months old and my IVF'er is now 10 1/2.
I just wanted you to know your blog was a huge help and also to say, clomid can be a success even if you didn't respond on an earlier attempt!
Thanks for being you!

LisaL said...

Mlove- WOW! Thank you so much for leaving that comment and CONGRATS!
That is amazing that primal helped you so much :D
Eating clean really does help. I wish more people would give it a chance even though those bad foods are good :P hehe
Anywho!! YAY! Your comment made my day :)