Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Since I don't like leaving extremely negative posts at the top... here's another :P

I'm on cd44 right now and NADA is going on. I've been taking OPKs religiously and nope. I still really don't want to take provera, but I will in a week.... or so :P

OH! Our cheat day was monday and good lordy we WAY overdid it.
We greatly overestimated just how much we could eat and not want to die :P By the end of the day we were bloated and miserable. I woke up a few times nauseous and with terrible acid reflux.
Considering that a lesson learned.
And that cheat day is still wreaking havoc on my weight right now.
Just from that day, my weight jumped back up to 209!! WHAT??
Now I know I didn't eat 7lbs worth of junk food so most of that is bloat and water retention b/c of the bad food.

I was 205 this morning so.. it's slowly coming back down. Hopefully by Monday I'll be back to 202 and losing again.... still though.... YIKES.
Again, lesson learned!

We've agreed that we're going to stay primal for another month and at the end, have ONE cheat, not one cheat day. I didn't have ice cream this time so would like it next, but that would be it.
After how we felt and now having to deal with trying to get my body back to losing weight... it's just not worth cheating that much.

So, when exactly do toddlers start realizing that the word "No" isn't funny??
I tell Zoe no and it does not register with her. She knows what it means. It's her favorite word :P
But when I say it to her to get her to stop something, she'll look at me, and say NO, then continue doing whatever.
Sometimes she'll even pop her own hand (something I've only done a couple of times but stopped b/c it didn't do anything)..... and then continue on.

It's a little frustrating b/c there's no way to discipline her. I guess the best we can do right now is distract which only works sometimes lol.

She has picked up something good though. She says Thank You :D It's more like "Tank Ooo" but she says it dangit hehe.  She's very polite when she wants to be lol

I can't wait to get her a pet of her own. She absolutely adores the pets but they still really don't want anything to do with her unless she has food in her hands. She tries to get the dogs to chase her, she wants to pet the kitty (and climb all over him) and none of them are having any of it.

DH and I did agree to wait a couple of years before we got another pet, but I want one now!! lol I've been torturing myself by looking at the local no kill rescue center's website. SO many animals needing a good home.. THIS HOME! LOL, but yeah, we really should wait and just hope our uppity pets finally come around.

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