Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cold hearted

This is going to turn in to personal ranting/venting.

So, if you don't recall. My dad had a bitch fit and deleted DH and I from his FB account.
Whatever. I blocked him and that was that.
Well he emails me saying he's sorry and blahblah.

I really don't care so ignore him.

He's since gotten my aunt and one of his friends to call me. Why? Well, he needed a triple bipass and wanted to let me know.
Telling my brother to tell me would've been enough. But no, he's involving even more people now.

I'm not wishing death on the bastard, but I really do not care if he is in my life any longer. Actually I would be more than happy to erase him from it.
All I can think about is what he did to me and how much it makes me sick and how he's not sorry for it (and I know he's not which I'll explain in a moment).
It makes me sick b/c I can not even think of someone hurting Zoe that way and I'll be damned if she ever meets the one who did do it to me.

And why I know he isn't sorry. He got divorced from his last wife b/c she caught him looking at porn. Not just any porn but incest porn.
AND her daughter confessed to her after she split from him that he hit on her. I guess when they were living in California, him and his wife would get high sometimes and the daughter knew this and asked him if he could give her some weed.
Well he gave her some w/ a little note saying that she could do a little something for him...

So yeah... Fuck him, fuck his fake apologies b/c I don't want to hear it anymore.

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