Friday, February 7, 2014

Randomness and junk

I have a bit of an obsession with weighing myself while trying to lose weight. I know you shouldn't do it daily b/c your weight can fluctuate so much, but I find it helps to keep me on track better and gives me a better idea of what my body is doing.

Welp, I weighed this morning and I saw 204.8!!! O_O

Last week my weight had jumped back up to about 210 for a while, then it dropped back down to around 207, now.. this! NICE!!!

I've been using myfitnesspal to keep track of food for a little while. I wanted to make sure I wasn't getting too many carbs.
I've been eating a lot BUT I'm not getting a ton of calories. Answering all of the questions on MFP, my daily cal intake should be about 1200. Yeah, JUST 1200, but I've rarely gotten up to that much since starting and I have NOT been starving myself. In fact, I still think I eat a good bit.

Like if we bought pork chops. I'll have 2 for breakfast or lunch, then 3-4 eggs for breakfast or lunch.
Then a good healthy portion of meat for dinner along with a side of veggies and a salad. I cook with coconut oil or butter and yeah... it's good stuff. Oh and snacks has been an apple or pear and maybe some seaweed wraps.
But it all still usually doesn't add up to 1200.
I don't want to put myself in to starvation mode, but I also don't want to force feed myself. I feel hungry, I eat something. It's just that what I've been eating isn't full of calories, ya know?

Zoe is growing up so quick.
She's actually telling me "No" now. Like say for instance, if she wasn't hungry before, she would just push the food away or turn her head.
Now it's a straight up No.
And changing her diaper, she thinks it's hilarious to say no and then lock her chubby little legs straight so it's hard to get her diaper on :P lol

She's gonna have to stay with MiL on Monday. DH is getting his wisdom teeth taken out. Yikes. I need to have that done as well.... hell, I just need to go to the dentist, but whatever.
Not sure when we're giving her to MiL though. Maybe Sunday lunch since his appointment is early morning.

OPKs have been totally negative. I will say that there has been a difference in the way they look though.
Before, I would get a light but still decent looking line on OPKs all the time. But for about a week now (give or take a day), they've been super light and faint.... what I would imagine is how they SHOULD be.
Took one this morning (I know taking them later is best, but I'm a POASaholic) and it looks more like how they used to. *shrugs*
I doubt it means anything other than just fluctuation in LH, but still... just an observation.

OH also yesterday, I noticed in the shower that I didn't have as much hair falling out as I usually do.
Before, I'd have at least a dozen or more loose hairs. I'd have them clinging to my body so I'd have to pick them off, I'd pull away half a dozen when shampooing and conditioning, etc.
But last night... nope. No stray loose hairs stuck anywhere and shampooing, conditioning, then drying, only maybe 5 or 6.
Not sure if it's just a fluke but I hope not.
I used to have thick hair, would be nice to at least keep what I have left of it.

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