Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V Day!!

No photos of Zoe. TOTALLY forgot to take some. Even dressed her in a cute red top and her heart jeans.
We were just so excited that we could drive somewhere today that it slipped our minds.
We've been house bound since Tuesday since the snow/ice storm hit us.
I was ok since I'm used to being home all the time, but DH was coming down with some cabin fever and needed to get out of the house lol.
It's scary to think of who did have to go out the day before though. The day before everything was ICE. Snow then ice on top then snow and more ice. I can't imagine people having to drive on that. SO frickin glad DH took this week off b/c of his wisdom teeth removal.


Diet is going well. No big news there. Just still doing what we've been doing.
This coming Thursday will be our last official day of WHole30, but we're sticking to being healthier. We'll add back in some dark chocolate and probably some other sweet primal treats here and there, but that's going to be it after our cheats.
Gotta keep this weight loss on track and get my body healthy again.
Figure it's going to take a few months for my hormones to sort themselves out enough to where I'm ovulating again. At least I hope that happens.

I swear the house just shook. Heard a rumble like if a huge truck passes right by you and the house shook a little. It was only just a little bit and only lasted for a second, but that was strange.
We live in the back of a neighborhood so no reason for there to be a truck... and.. yeah.
We have gotten very small earthquakes here and there before since we're on a faultline but I've never felt anything.. at least nothing like that.
Not sure if that was something but still interesting. Wonder what it was.
Too bad DH wasn't awake so I'd have someone that could back this up lol.
And I'm not saying it was an earthquake lol. I highly doubt it was.

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