Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Vitamins and such

So I've decided to hold off on the provera for a little bit longer. I was going to start it yesterday if OPKs were still negative (which they were).
Was reading some threads on a PCOS board and it seems as though a lot of women are having a little bit of success taking something called Myo Inositol.
I've taken inositol before, but I think it was a different kind, not myo. Actually I'm pretty sure of that b/c I remember when ordering it that it was cheaper.
That didn't do anything for me, but the myo kind is supposed to work better.

From what I've read, it works similar to metformin in helping your body become more sensitive to insulin. Something I def need.

There's some product called Pregnitude? on the market that is Myo Inositol and Folic Acid that people are raving about that's the new miracle drug.

It's kind of a expensive for a month's worth so I just bought the myo inositol and will continue taking my prenatal. Not that the Myo was inexpensive though. But it will last longer so in the long run it will be cheaper.

I'm NOT going to be taking a bajillion and 1 herbs like I did before though.
Right now I'm taking metformin, synthroid, prenatal, vit d, and fish oil (which reminds me that I need to get more).
That along w/ the Myo powder will be more than enough.
Really wish herbal supplements were regulated a bit more. That way people know what they're getting instead of wondering if it's pure stuff.

Zoe pitched a FIT yesterday when I tried feeding her yogurt.
SHE wanted to do it herself and had full on tantrums if it looked like I was going to try to feed her.
I don't mind if she wants to feed herself, but with yogurt, there's that possibility of it getting EVERYWHERE.
She did pretty well with it though. She still doesn't hold utensils quite right but she managed with only a couple of globs of it dropping on the floor (which she then tried to pick up and eat).

OH! I forgot to mention something gross that happened the other day.
We went to Target to pick up some baby wipes.
We usually use a cart cover but I was feeling lazy and didn't want to.
So DH heads over to Dick's while I go in to Target w/ Zoe.
I put her in a cart and everything is fine.
She starts pretending to hand me and feed me stuff (or so I thought). I didn't think much of it b/c she's done this at home, so I just play along.
A little bit later... she says " MMM!"
I get a bit confused and say "MM?", Look down in to her seat and there is a mystery melted glob of candy stuck to the seat. Something that looks like it's been there for at least a few days.
I yell out " OH GOD! EWW!" Seriously, I yelled it :P
And quickly covered the spot so she can't pick at it any longer.

Kids are so gross. I remember my cousin used to pick up and eat other people's discarded chewing gum *barf*

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