Monday, February 3, 2014

Wow, now that was a meltdown!!

So we went and picked Zoe up yesterday.
She looked fine, MiL said she didn't sleep a lot but overall was ok.
She was totally find and all smiles while out at lunch, then... in the car the screaming cries started.
She knew she was going home and I think that's when the fatigue hit her. She was tired and not happy about it.
BUT we had to go to the store first.
So we went to the Asian market, DH is letting her walk around some, and man.... we had our first meltdown in a public place and it was LOUD lol.
She just screamed her cute tired little head off and wasn't having ANY of it!!
Told DH to just take her out to the car while I finished up.

We finally got home and she slept 2hrs and woke up crying and grumpy as hell b/c she wasn't ready to get up.

We kept her up until her bedtime though (thankfully her mood got better), so we could feed her and whatnot and she zonked right out and sttn and is happily napping right now. Not her usual nap time but whatever....

Makes me dread how tired she's going to be when she's over there for almost 3 days :(
My poor girl! Hopefully by then w/ lots of overnighters w/ granny, she'll get used to being there and will actually sleep more so this won't be a problem.

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