Friday, July 26, 2013

What now?

So, I started spotting just a little yesterday. Have some this morning too. Only there when I use the bathroom, but this is how AF started last time too.
I'm good if this is AF. If this all turns in to another regular AF, then it means that I'm ovulating. Ovulating late as all hell, but it's still happening.
BUT it sucks b/c I totally missed it with OPKs. 99% of the time I only tested once a day. I guess I'll have to do it more than that which means more money. Bleh. Oh well.

We have half a can of formula left and I don't think we're buying anymore.
Thankfully Zoe doesn't seem to be having any poosplosion reactions to cows milk. Probably helps that we've been introducing her to dairy stuff for a while.
She likes milk though. Maybe we'll try giving her a bottle of it tonight.

Gandalf and the dorf outfits are a nogo for THIS Halloween. Zoe is probably only going to be just walking by then. I'd rather wait for next Halloween so she can walk around as tiny Gandalf lol.
I think this time, just buy some cute outfit for her.

Zoe is obsessed with the Itsy Bitsy damn spider! lol
MiL is to thank for that.
I don't mind singing it to her at all and teaching her the hand gestures that go along with it. She tries doing it and tries singing too.
The singing comes out more of a hum but it's still cute hehe.
MiL does this annoying ass thing at the end though that I refuse to do.
After the song, she'll fist pump and say " Go spider, go spider". It doesn't sound bad, but when she does it over and over and over and over again, yeah.... it's bad.

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Yay for ovulation and AF!! I hope you catch it next time with OPKs! Kinda sucks getting back into POAS all the time haha! FX for you!

Halloween will be so fun with a little one! Graham will be just a couple months old :-) I need to think of some cute outfits hehe. Zoe as Gandalf would be super cool! I agree, her walking around would be even better. :-)