Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Have I said..

... how much I love Once Upon a Child?? LOVE that frickin store!!!!
So I wanted to get Zoe the Fisher Price Doorway toy..

On amazon right now it's $85.80, originally 89.99. YIKES......
So, off to Once Upon a Child we went. Found one without all of the loose bits (shapes, key, mail) for only $12!!!! And we can buy the replacement parts on amazon for only$13 total. How cool is that!
Man,... God bless the people that buy these things new, then sell them to consignment shops lol.

I saw this cute kitchen one that one of my DD group members got 2nd hand.

This one..

Yeah, you read that price right.... that thing is $300!!!!! I dunno who the hell would buy that, but hoping someone does and then resells it to OUaC lol.

Holy crap, in a little over 2 weeks, we're gonna have a 1yo! WHAT??
We still don't know if it's going to happen at the pool. The president of our neighborhood HOA hasn't gotten back in touch with us yet, AND we found out they had planned on some stupid parents only pool party for the same damn day.

Anyway, DH is determined to have some big thing for her. I would be more than happy if it was just us, or a couple of family but not him. Sigh.
We still need to get her a birthday outfit.
OO my mom got her her traditional Korean first birthday outfit. Gotta take Zoe over to get it and ask my mom exactly what I should do lol. Now that is going to be a small get together thing.

Zoe is good. Girl loves to dance. She's getting better at dancing to the beat it seems. And she's started bobbing her head to music too. It's so frickin cute. I posted some vids on facebook. I'll have to upload them to here when I get the chance.

Her sleep hasn't been the greatest. She still only has 3 teeth but it looks like more will be coming through soon enough.
Those 3 teeth are adorable though! Her 2 little bottom teeth and that one little snaggletooth up top! lol. Need to get more photos of it before she gets more.

Overall she's good though. Getting so big, and clever.

Ok, so I've been watching True Blood (thanks SiL for letting me use her HBOGo account!).... and I swear!... (contains spoilers)
While this season has been pretty good so far, I swear these are some of the most bipolar people EVER.
One sec, they're trying to be all good, then at the drop of a hat they change.

Like Alcede or however you spell his name. WTF crawled up his muscular ass?? He used to be cool, but now he's a giant douche! And telling Sam to never return? WTF? Dude, chill....

And Sookie. Good lord woman. How about keeping the panties ON for a change. Now, she can screw whoever, but damn, get to know them first at least. She's been around Warlow for all of a day total pretty much and decided, pfft ok time to hump? Really?? Sure sure, she feels something for him.... so how about waiting at least one more day before jumping his bones.

And the whole Jessica killing Andy's daughters. Come on show!!! Are they going to kill Jessica now b/c I sure as hell don't see how they're going to make it ok that she killed 3 girls.

And finally.... did they really need to kill Terry?? What the hell is wrong with at least ONE couple in this show being happy. His death was just so pointless. It's like the writers were like.. " Well we introduced a bunch of new characters, we gotta kill some of the old ones."

Oh wait, one more thing.... If they're going to have SO SO SO SO SO many fully naked women running around, how about some equal time for the men? Not saying the twig and berries are actually attractive to look at but, it's ridiculous that the women can show it all, but as soon as a guy is naked, pan up to the waist or just do a butt shot. The show is already pretty damn raunchy, I don't think anyone will bat an eye at some full frontal manly meat nekkidness.

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