Monday, July 29, 2013

Well, it's AF, but...

So it took a while for this to get started it seemed. BUt it is def AF. It turned heavy yesterday.
BUT... it's not exactly... normal. Usually, if I bear down, I can ya know... push some out, but not with this one. Most of the stuff making its way out is coming out when I use the bathroom.
I know that's a lot of tmi about my period lol.
This is too heavy to be an anov AF though so I'm about... 80% confident that I did ovulate again which makes me happy. Just have to catch it next time!
Went ahead and bought 100 more opks. And going to make sure we BD a lot more.

Speaking of that.... I have NOT gotten my libido back at all. There have been a handful... hell not even a handful of times when I've wanted to have sex and that's it.
I feel like a stereotypical married couple right now, he wants sex and I don't. Makes me feel bad b/c I deny him sex..... A LOT now. Thank goodness DH is a good guy though. He should be happy with this cycle at least b/c yeah, we're gonna have a lot of sex damnit! If I miss O with OPK again then at least we'll have a chance with the amount of BDing.

Ok so just put in stats.... and last cycle was 44 days. YIKES. That's not completely terrible I guess, but hopefully with continued weight loss, this one will be shorter, or well, better yet... get pregnant :D

As for the weight loss. It's stalled. It goes up and down b/c of bloat.
We have been a bit bad with diet. We haven't bought junk food, but we have been fixing more meals w/ pasta, rice etc than we should. So we're cutting those for a little bit to help.
DH is losing weight like a mad man though. You can really tell that he's slimming down and looking all sexy :D
Helps that he's actually exercising. I just can't.... I can't. Or no.... I won't. I HATE it so much. If there was an exercise I actually enjoyed doing, I would do it, but.... I just can't lol.

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