Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 more month

One more month and we're going to have a One year old O_O
MAN that is so weird to say out loud or hell, even type. All of those years trying, all of those failed cycles, I could fantasize all I wanted, but the reality is still so strange sometimes heh. Looking at her, it's just so amazing that she came from DH and I.

Anywho... enough with that....

Zoe has learned how to suck through a straw! We've been trying to give her sippy cups b/c she hasn't been wanting formula that much recently.
She doesn't do that well with sippy cups b/c she doesn't know how to tip it while sitting to drink.
We have a cup with a built in straw that we tried giving her yesterday. I couldn't get her to drink from it right, but whatever DH did, did the trick b/c yep, she has it down now.
Gosh, she's growing so fast!

We're not sure what we're going to do for her birthday. We wanted to reserve the pool area in our neighborhood, but the HOA (home owners association) president hasn't gotten back in touch with us so yeah, we're not sure if that's going to happen. If it isn't then... I dunno.
There's a children's park that isn't too far from us that could be an option.
I wouldn't mind just doing it at home with just a few people, but DH wants some big thing. Or well, he doesn't think it will be big, but with how many people he wants to invite, yeah... it's going to be.
His and my family alone are almost 20 people, then add in other family members and friends.... that's a big ass party.
I'd be happy with maybe, 10 people, that's it... or hell, just something with DH and I.

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Shari said...

They grow so fast!!!! We are a couple of months from a 2 year old. I look back an wonder where time as went!