Thursday, July 25, 2013

Baby shower

So since SiL (brother's wife) and I are good friends and pretty close, I'm pretty much tasked with throwing her a baby shower.
She is CRAZY about Doctor Who and wants to do the nursery in that theme and of course, she's asked me and I've volunteered to make some stuff for it.
I'm looking forward to it and all... just gotta figure out times to actually do the stuff.

Anyway... A baby shower though... bleh. I don't plan on doing anything super special, as in games. That's just not how I roll.
BUT I do want to make it Doctor Who themed as well.... which again means most likely making a lot of shit by hand.
I'm just not sure WHAT to make though. I saw these awesomely cute cupcakes on Pinterest that would be amazing, but doubt I'd be able to do anything super detailed like that.
So that's one idea....

Then what??

Lots of blue since she is having a boy and the Tardis is blue, aaaaand yeah....... maybe stars too I guess. I have no idea. I'll have to brainstorm a bit and make a list.

Same with her nursery. I already know I want to make a mobile. I've seen a few homemade ones and it looks pretty simple. Felt, wire, string. Not that hard and not that expensive which is a HUGE bonus lol.

And I know they'll want some sort of thing painted on the wall. I saw a decal that would be cool that I could TOTALLY rip off and paint on their wall for them lol. *shrugs* We'll see.

Now to just get DH's mom to clean out the frickin house already though. Only have 20 weeks left. Or well, not even that long. I don't exactly have the time needed any longer to spend creating this kind of stuff so need all the time I can get to start.
I just don't understand what the hold up is. Most of the crap is already in boxes. Just pack that shit up in to their one of MANY trucks or small trailers and take it away. It can be gone through later or left to rot somewhere. Just GET IT OUT already!!
Now I see where DH gets his procrastination from.

We're going out to get Zoe's first birthday outfits. Depending on the price, I would like to get her a 'fancy' dress and then a onesie. We really need to figure out what we're doing if we can't do it at the pool.

UGH, so apparently, DH is planning for us to take a family trip to Europe next summer. Just love how he discusses this shit with me :\
We've been having money put directly in to a savings account, so thankfully, we'll actually have the money to go, BUT... I just don't want to.
We have SOOOOOOOO many other things we could use that money on. Like gutters. We desperately need gutters on the house in certain spots.
Or a back porch. Not as important, but it's one of the things we've wanted to do since moving in to this house.
Or, paying off the credit card bill. Or paying off a large chunk for the car or reducing our mortgage. Just anything other than a damn trip to Europe.

I know there could be worse things to complain about. Most people would be thrilled to even have a European vacation as an option, but I honestly don't think we are one of those people that have it as an option. Especially since we have so many other things that NEED that money to be spent on, ya know?
But since his friends aren't going to be stationed in Europe for much longer and probably won't be sent there ever again, then this is our last chance to go with them there and blahblahblah. Ugh....
All I know is that I better be pregnant.... and Zoe is HIS responsibility on the plane trip there and back since this is HIS trip lol.

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You will be awesome for decorating her shower and helping with the nursery! You did such a cool job on Zoe's. That's a lot of work though - boo!

I'm excited to hear more about Zoe's 1st birthday party! So fun!

I know what you mean about taking a trip like that. There have been times we kinda wanted to go on vacation or something, but I like to spend our money on more practical things as well.
I hope you're pregnant too by then :-D